Yeah, it's pretty sad to discover a former villager on a puzzle island from Megaomgchen's blog

Something I wish they would add is, instead of Animal Crossing Items creatures just not moving away ever if you befriend themthey would stay in touch as soon as they leave. Sending you mail about what they're up to, possibly with postcards and presents and stuff. Hell, they might even return afterwards and move back in. I recall one of my old villagers at NL showing up in the downtown region again while visitjng, but that's about it.

Yeah, it's pretty sad to discover a former villager on a puzzle island and they act like you never met before.

It actually makes me miss showing up on Main Street in New Leaf, which I didn't care for at that moment.

My main problem with decorating my house was not my interest level but the absence of good items in my store. I have about 100 hours at the match and I logged in every day for about two months and I do not have anywhere near a complete set of any furniture. It was a never-ending parade of items which didn't match the appearance or feel of anything I had purchased inside last week. I also had bad luck with recipes, getting the very same ones multiple times every week that helped in restricting my assortment.

Chalk it up to bad luck if you'd like but I shouldn't be pushed from wanting to play with because the decor things I got did not match each other after months of playing, I suggest that is just nuts in a game like that it sucked. Like I bet you will find a bunch of really cool things but I never saw them

It's quite tough to wrap yourself up at the non-concrete aims of the game. Terraforming your island is dull, the villagers are somewhat more expensive than ever, and the crafting is simply bothersome.

Seeing my wife play is easily the most frustrating thing. She's made this amazing island, but nearly none of it's functional. I find it crazy that a huge game like RDR2 could have this kind of New Horizons Items lively and interactive open world, yet a comparatively confined game such as AC has almost none of this.

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