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I made a fast video that I am expecting some individuals can use to take with the shot rod, '' The shooting is fine and I need some people to take the opportunity to learn it until we become too critical. I made a quick video which I'm hoping some people are able to NBA 2K Coins use to take with the shot stick, The shooting is nice and I need some individuals to take some time to learn it before we get too critical. I did a shoot about with Durant, though it takes time getting use to, I wasn't having the exact same difficulty everyon... more
Dingbest Oct 26 · Tags: nba2k21 mt
No problem. Those points could get you a couple extra badges somewhere instead of MT 2K21 using them at a futile stat. I really don't put a single point in free throw. Even on my pure shooting construct I don't place any in free throw even to the badges because it's just a waste of points and I hit the FT's. So basically rather devote those 15-20 points . I get just 1 shooting badge cause I dont concentrate on it whatsoever. . Cheers for the opinion mate! I know everyone likes chunk handling, but if you play at a group that has a ... more
Dingbest Oct 22 · Tags: nba2k21 mt
All those consistent shooters possess 87+ 3pt shot , again not what I'm arguing here. False. My brother and this dude from the fb group both possess a 71 3 and green always but they both use the shot rod. Y'all just do not wish to NBA 2K21 MT Coins accommodate. Send me his construct, jumper, and badge set up and his 3pt percent because I just don't believe it. Tough cover legend for Dame to live around however as a Blazers fan and coming from a man who enjoys Kobe, I can guarantee you that I will be purchasing the normal version a... more
Dingbest Oct 19 · Tags: nba2k21 mt
I play mycareer because 2k16 but I was always a casual, never played with 2K21 MT online and constantly bought it with reduction or a promotion. I'm from Brazil also if that is essential. And I was hopeful that this season I would be scaling up my match playing online, making builds and spending way more time with it. I also know that generally 2k haven't been very responsible in attending to the communities complains. So my title questions remains, is it a good year to purchase it like today? Or await a sale reduction? It's not bad ... more
Dingbest Oct 16 · Tags: nba2k21 mt