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The fact that they gave us SOMETHING after the hashtag is a reason to be positive. Can it amount to anything? Time will tell. This isn't a win, it's only a down. The neighborhood has to keep pushing. Correct. We know they are Madden NFL 21 Coins paying attention, but it would be smart to keep on the pressure. If they make a couple changes the answer shouldn't be to hurry out and buy Madden 21, it should be"thanks but still not enough".

Dont buy in to this damage control statement, keep the media, remember they didnt bother to address a lot of shit throughout the dev of 21, of adding aint gon t change 39, a couple of weeks. Keep cancelling pre- requests, keep the boycott going, if we leave this movement will be for naught. It took some time to them but EA did fix starwars battlefront 2 after all of the backlash. There is a possibility that they will respond with change if we keep on the pressure. Thats because disney put the fucking clamps down behind the scenes together with the community.

It'll be exact thing they did with Madden 20. Since launch, when sport was completely unplayable for very large group of PC players who'd Core i5 processors (which has biggest userbase). They kept telling commumity in their official channels that staff is"working hard on the correct", right up until NFL season was to keep sales up and then just came out and stated that fix was not coming. They didn't even give individuals that got screwed over like this any refunds. EA is rotten to the core, do not believe. It's cutthroat and all marketting business practices.

Please temper expectation and stick to any guns, whilst this is a favorable indication you're sticking to. Current-gen discs of Madden 21 are in or very much in the can. Devs will work on Patch problems that are critical Day One up till a week or 2 before launch date. At the same time, everyone, particularly that Buy Mut 21 Coins the UI and Network guys, are also trying to iron out technical kinks and criteria for the next-gen release on consoles at which the pipeline to acceptability from Sony and Microsoft is much less well-oiled, yeah, even EA is going to have a procedure. That's a company that is fiddly and criteria are higher in the beginning of a life cycle.

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By Xiamu
Added Jul 30 '20


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